The Human Rights City: New York, San Francisco, Barcelona coming out soon.

The book is already available for pre-order

This work builds on and expands the sociological analysis of human rights (and) cities I provide at the end of the Global Urban Justice book,The human rights city is an urban practice of rights driven by the idea of a city organised around norms and principles of human rights. But what are the human rights cities and the human rights of the city? Who makes the human rights city? Who benefit from human rights in the city? What role does the local government play in the human rights city? The book answers these and other questions understanding the human rights city as a coproduction of different actors and a site of new engagements with and discourses about human rights. Through the investigation of human rights initiatives and institutions in New York, San Francisco and Barcelona, the book argues that the human rights city is a new practice of human rights emerging at different contact points between human rights and the city. In the context of their application to the city, the city changes human rights as much as human rights aim to change the city. 

The book is already available for pre-order. Click here.